Considering the nature of the accounts we sell, a refund is possible, but a deadline of 24 hours may be necessary for us to check if the account is not used.

Refunds or credits will be issued solely at CSGOSMURFACC ACCOUNTS.COM’S discretion. Refunds may be offered if all the following conditions are met:

– The time of your request for refund is no more than 24 hours old from time of purchase

– The account has not been used to play any competitive or casual game

– We find your request reasonable due to special circumstances

Playing a competitive matchmaking game on an account constitutes full acceptance of the account as it was received. If your account arrived at a different rank then what you purchased, please contact us before playing any competitive matchmaking games on it. We will refund the difference or replace the account. If you have played any competitive games we cannot help you with the rank difference at all and your account won’t be replaced or a refund won’t be provided.


In the process of deranking or achieving a particular rank, our boosters and derankers sometimes have to grief in the game in order to lower their ELO and get lower ranks. During this process they might get kicked or get a cooldown for too much team damage or being repeatedly kicked due to griefing. Therefore we cannot guarantee that the account you receive won’t have any past cooldowns. There’s always a possiblity that the account you received never got a cooldown AS WELL AS got a 1 week cooldown. In case you receive a cooldown, we cannot refund or replace your account in such cases.


If, in the unlikely event you receive an account that does not work, simply Contact Us at support@CSGOSMURFACC and we will check the account for you. In most cases, an accouunt that does not allow you to login will be an error in transmission, for example a spelling error in the account login credentials. So please simply write to us, and we will double check the account and re-send it.

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